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Payment Software which provides liquidity to users by allowing them to use their NFTs as a deposit method.
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NFTpay.GG has been specially created for innovative companies in the Betting, Forex and Trading space, which want to go beyond the typical transactional payments experience. With NFTpay.GG your users can instantly turn their NFTs into cash, or even lend them out to generate yield.
Our company provides your business with one seamless API, which can be integrated easily into your Betting, Forex or Trading website. Ensuring that the software is configured to your industry’s specifications and requirements.
Our B2B Payment Software provides liquidity to its users by allowing them to stake their NFTs and receives additional yields, such as USDT tokens or other specified crypto.
We are an Internatio
with years of experience in the NFT and blockchain space. Launching our first projects as far back as 2014, we are true pioneers in the Blockchain, Crypto and NFT Industry.
NFTpay.GG is part of ODDS.GROUP
Our team is devoted to our customers and we ensure that projects are delivered on time. We build successful businesses with our customers together, facilitating long term partnerships across the World.
ODDS.GROUP empowers its clients to realise their Vision and deliver outstanding player experiences in regulated markets.
Outstanding customer experiences
ODDS.GROUP empowers its clients to release their vision and deliver outstanding player experiences in regulated markets.
NFT Industry Data:
"The Merge" is the most expensive NFT ever sold - it went for $91.8 million
There are $10-$20 million worth of NFT sold in the blockchain every week
The complete value of NFT sales in 2020 was $250 million
250,000 people trade NFTs every month on OpenSea
The NFT market was worth $41 billion in 2021
How it works
Loan your NFTs through our API
Payment Software which provides liquidity to its users by allowing them to stake their NFTs and receive yield in the form of USDT or any other specified crypto in return.
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Accept NFT's as payment from your customers
The partner you can trust
We enable businesses to increase their volume, operate worldwide and reach new markets using first and unique NFT processing methods.
Simple Integration
We offer unique API on the market with full integration support via a dedicated manager.
We can process thousands of transactions at once, instant ID checks to help power a lightning fast sell out!
All users are verified safely and securely. NFTpay checks all the legal boxes so you don't have to.
Global Coverage
Allows you to accept payments for your business from all over the globe
Accept NFT everywhere
e-Commerce friendly. Integrate NFT pay to any online store
Our crypto payment processing is a robust solution for online stores to accept NFTs. We provide a simple and secure gateway with no exchange rate risk for both parties: merchants and buyers.
Forex and
Binary Friendly
Our processor is the ideal payment solution for high-risk businesses.
NFT collection management, multi-account management, and an extensive reporting system are only some features of our gateway processor developed for Forex businesses.